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83 degrees  in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Mostly Clear Skies 
75%  humidity
29.94 is the Barometric pressure.
Wind is from East at 10 MPH
Point zero five  inches of rain in the last 24 hours at WSTA. 22.05 inches so far this year. 

National Weather Service:  An increase in moisture is expected today  as an upper level trough enters our area. It means showers across the region today and tomorrow. A High Surf Advisory is in effect for the northern Atlantic coastlines of the Virgin Islands through Wednesday evening. Expect northwest swells to eight feet with breaking waves to 15 feet. Mariners and beach goers can expect rough surf conditions with rip currents. No Storms on the Horizon

Forecast for today calls for:  A mix of clouds and sun this morning followed by increasing clouds with showers developing this afternoon. High around 85F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.  Becoming 90 percent overnight and continuing with 80% chance of rain through Wednesday night.

Cruise Ship News  Carnival valor is at Haven site

At the top of the news on !! AIR – November 3 Monday

They will call this the year our election went to court. So many cases went to court this election season. In the latest round, Ken Mapp was asking the court to order the Board of Elections to count all votes in the DS200 machine at the time the vote is cast, not later when the voting is over.  Dismissed!  Superior Court Judge Kathleen McKay said the court can’t mandate the board of elections use their machines as intended. At issue is the problem with tabulation when a voter chooses the party symbol and then selects another candidate outside the party.  The machines override the party symbol, and invalidates ALL the party candidates in the same category. If someone votes the Democratic Party symbol, and then picks one independent candidate, the machine will count the vote for the independent candidate, and dismiss ALL the votes for the party candidates.  The machine considers the non-party vote the voter intent.

The board of elections approved their procedures for tomorrow’s election.  Ballots will all be placed in a locked box, and then separated after the voting is over.  All ballots with the party symbols marked will be hand counted. All those without party line marks will be tabulated by machine.  The message to voters is clear - if you want to split your ticket.  Do not vote the straight party ticket.  Sounds simple.

On St. Croix, the Bureau of Elections got their new printed ballots; minus the name Alicia Hansen.  They still have to figure out what to do with the 800 early and absentee ballots with the old names.  So Chucky Hansen has begun a write-in campaign.  It turns out that stickers on the ballot might come up the machines.  So, do not use a sticker.

US attorney Ron Sharp reminds you that his office deals with election day complaints.  He has appointed Assistant US Attorney Alphonso G Andrews  as the district election officer for the Virgin Islands  and responsible for overseeing complaints about election fraud and voting rights abuses.  write his number down,  344-0503. 

Governor John DeJongh sent the agreement with Atlantic Basin Refining to the Senators and ask them to come in the special session on November 12 to ratify the propose operating agreement.  Meanwhile Senate President Shawn Michael Malone is considering calling the Committee of the Whole to meet on St. Croix next Monday to take testimony from residents on the island where the refinery is located. 

If you wait long enough, the bills will shrink.  Here comes the Juan Luis Hospital offering a debt amnesty program for patients with unpaid hospital bills. Beginning today through January 31, if you pay off your hospital bill - - you get a 40 percent discount.  To get the full 40 percent, the payment plan must pay it all inside three months. If you take longer you only get a 25% discount. The message is clear.  If you wait, sooner or later somebody will offer you an amnesty.  You can go to hospital and pay with cash, money order, certified check, cashier’s check or credit card.  Bargain time to pay up 

The Port Authority is beginning renovations to the restrooms near the baggage claim area at the Henry E Rholsen Airport on St. Croix.  The work should be done by December 18.  Meanwhile, there are temporary facilities near the Taxi Association outside the terminal and restrooms in the main terminal. Port Authority Executive Director Carlton Dowe thanks the public for its patience as they improve the airport terminal for a better customer experience for everyone.

Here are results in another mock election, this time Bowsky Elementary.  Christensen-Ottley got 99 votes, way ahead of Mapp-Potter.  Ronnie Jones trumped Rocky Liburt for Senator-at-Large, and the students pick for Senators from St. Thomas are: Marvin Blyden, Recon Olive, Tregenza Roach, Myron Jackson, Janette Millin-Young, Jean Ford, and Justin Harrigan.

You’re listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this
It was a big weekend.  The Nigel O Hodge foundation celebrated its 18th anniversary of taking care of children in the Virgin Islands.  We had science Saturday in Frenchtown, crew de Croix’s kalalloo gumbo cookoff, and it was D. Hamilton Jackson day on Saturday.  The good news guys 19th anniversary.

You are reminded that Tuesday November 4 is Election day. 

Virgin Islands public school teachers and paraprofessionals may begin enrolling for a three credit course at the University of the Virgin Islands for the 2015 spring semester. Registration begins today until 5:00 PM at the Department of Education Human Resources office in each district.  The last day to register is Friday, November 7th.  Department of Education will cover tuition plus related fees. Paraprofessionals must take undergraduate courses leading to a degree in education. Professional teachers can take graduate or undergraduate class leading to certification. For more information, call Nina Farrell at 774-0100, ext. 8045

Kittitians in Paradise present their annual Gala on Saturday, November 15 at Victor’s New Hideout.  Tickets are available from the Good News Guy at WSTA.  Come join the Kittitians in Paradise for a dinner gala on Saturday, November 15.  Tickets are available now.  Call 774-1340

The 31st annual St. Thomas, St. John Agricultural and Food fair is coming up November 22 and 23rd.  This year’s theme is “Cultivating the next generation.” The Agriculture and Food Fair Committee is sponsoring the “best tasting sweet bread” and “coal pot lighting” competitions. If you make a great sweet bread or light a hot coal pot, register with the Fair committee. The application deadline is today.  Call 693-1080.

The annual Wahoo windup, wound up yesterday. There is an Awards Dinner at the Game Fishing Club’s this evening at 6:30 pm.   For more information, call 775-9144,

The Department of Agriculture, Urban & Community Forestry urban forestry grant applications are due to day. Last chance – call Marilyn Chakroff at 778-0997.

Our virtue of the week is Cooperation. Cooperation is working together and sharing the load.  When we cooperate, we join with others to do things that cannot be done alone.  We are willing to follow the rules which keep everyone safe and happy.  Together we can accomplish great things.
You are practicing cooperation when you…
*   Work well with others
*   Offer your help and ideas freely
*   Disagree peacefully and respectfully
*   Follow the rules
*   Ask for help when you need it
*   Help keep a safe, happy environment
Affirmation: I am cooperative. I respect the rules. I work and play well with others.  I keep myself and others safe.

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